Free Set of 10 Hand Painted Watercolor Holiday Printables

Before I had kids, I always thought I would decorate for every holiday… then I had kids.

And real life REALLY happened.

Let’s be honest, in REAL life, I am lucky if I decorate for Christmas, and usually I only do that because of the blog… If I could get away with not doing anything, I would- I’d go to Hawaii and soak up the sun and come home when Christmas was over!!

So today’s FREE Canon sponsored printable just made me a better mother (at least nearer to the mother I thought I’d be before I had kids….)  And the good news is you can be that mother too!

Easy seasonal decorating, look no further! This set of free holiday printables has 10 beautiful hand-painted watercolor prints to help make seasonal decorating as easy as can be! Get the free printable set on

Basically it is a set of holiday printables that you keep in one frame and change out each month.  With the printable and a cute matching colored item, you have welcomed the next holiday in to your home, without making a mess that you have to deal with for 30 days and then clean up.

I printed mine on my Canon PIXMA iP8720, on the 19″ x 13″ Matte Photo paper which is Cardstock, I love the ability to print such large prints at home.  They have a really nice presence on the wall!

Set Of Free Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 14 Of 17

Set Of Free Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 15 Of 17

Here is the easiest way to make this set work for you.  I bought a 19 x 13 frame on Amazon (affiliate link) this one to be exact!  I printed the full set of holiday printables, removed the glass from my frame, and stacked my 10 printables in holiday order.  

To make sure you couldn’t see the other printables, I added one blank 19 x 13 sheet of paper behind the holiday print that is currently showing.

Then just put the stack in the frame, followed by the back board, and you should be set.  

As each holiday winds up, all you have to do is switch the printable that is showing to the coming holiday.  Just keeping things real, when I did my photo shoot to show you how easy this can be, I literally found one matching item from around the house as decor for the tray in front of the printable and didn’t change anything else out!  Keep in mind, these things were literally things I just had around the house, so you don’t need to spend extra money on little dust collectors to sit next to it (unless you want to!!)

10 Free Watercolor Holiday Printables

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9549

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9552


Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9553

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9558

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9561

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9565

If you want to make these flowers, the printable and tutorial are here.

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9570

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9574

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9582

Set Of Holiday Printables @remodelaholic 9587

Is this not the easiest thing you’ve ever done for the holiday, well besides nothing at all- LOL!!  I love it!

Click Here to Get All 10 Holiday Watercolor Printables


We are so happy to be working with Canon this year to bring you all some easy do at home printer projects to make your home beautiful or your life a little bit easier and happier.  Please help us share the word about these fabulous projects by sharing on Pinterest or Facebook!  And check out the Canon PIXMA MG7720, it is a beautiful and USEFUL addition to any office or craft room.

Canon See Impossible Marketing Campai

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